Intelligent QA Solutions

Automated AI Inspection
for complex parts

A full solution customizable to your production requirements. Easy-to-integrate inspection equipment and deep learning software with a data platform that will improve quality and lower costs.

60% reduction on inspection cost

Hardware that supports 24×7 fully automated inspection

100% visual defect detection

Up to 150 microns Complete visual inspection of complex parts and surfaces

1-2 year

Fast achieving ROI

Global Partners

Our solutions are delivering value to customers worldwide. MusashiAI Is a global leader for delivering complex automated Inspection AI.

Musashi Ai’s Cendiant
Software platform

Deep learning inspection software (Edge AI)
Data platform (Cloud-AWS)



Low Data

Complex metal parts/surfaces

Data management and reporting

Our Process

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Latest News



Waterloo.AI Data Challenge – Nov 12, 2022

Calling all UW software engineers to participate in a computer vision data challenge on November 12 at the University of Waterloo hosted by Musashi AI North America. $3,000 in total prize money will be awarded to the top three teams.


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