Product Ecosystem

Fully automate inspection processes with inline, end-of-line or offline inspection equipment. Standard designs available for gear and shaft part types and custom design services available upon request.

AI Integration Hardware

Simplify the integration of artificial intelligence solutions into manufacturing facilities with the Neural PLC.

Inspection and Data Insights Software

Cendiant Inspect: Turnkey AI software for surface defect detection, proper assembly verification and process completeness checks.

Cendiant Quality Insights: Gain improved visibility to quality inspection processes and performance trends. Access inspection images, custom dashboards and a searchable inspected part database.

Mobile Inspection (Free Download)

Trial the capabilities of our Cendiant Inspect software risk-free by downloading the iOS/iPadOS apps to your mobile or tablet device. Experience real-time defect detection on a range of metal parts.

Our engineers are standing by to answer your questions and help you find the right equipment for your test application.

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